Saturday, 4 June 2011

About Me :)

Hello, all...

I am Tushar Mehta. I am from Gujarat, India. Currently, I am doing my M.Tech in International Institute of Information Technology, Bangalore.(IIITB)

I have done my undergraduate in computer science(CS) and thereafter I joined a company called eInfochips as an Embedded Engineer. This place was the point where It took me to the open source world :) I started working with Linux kernel and started to understand how this world is very different and good also :D...After that, I decided to for higher study and thought of giving myself some more time in the area I would like to work in future... of course in open source ;)

I joined IIITB and now I am doing more open source activity :)...and that's why life is good...!!!
Recently, one KDE conference was held in Bangalore only and I got a chance to attend it. There I met few developers(one of them was Volker :)...) My experience was good and response was KDE team were very helpful and encouraging :)

After that, I was planning to get engaged myself in contributing to KDE and so I took part in GSoC-2011. I did not get selected for this competition but got a chance to work with the KDE family in Season of KDE 2011. Thanks to Lydia, Lukas and all the KDE team members :)

Currently, I am getting help from the mailing list, my mentor and Lydia while doing work on the project and I must say even a person who does not know anything about open source, will not feel uncomfortable while working with the KDE team :)...People are very helpful, active and supportive.

I started writing blog because of KDE only :) Change is Good...:)

I will keep updating this but, for now, this much good :)

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