Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Rate Control in ftp transfer is ready!!!

Hi all,

Project Details:

As a first deliverable, we have rate control available for ftp slave in KIO sub system of kdelibs.

Two patches got submitted on KDE review board for this code. First patch is adding updated ftp kio slave into kdelibs while second one is clearing all the review comments given by kdelibs developers.

1st patch: https://git.reviewboard.kde.org/r/102267/
2nd patch: https://git.reviewboard.kde.org/r/102307/

You can see this code in action by running KGet. You need to set download limit(KB per second) in KGet. After then try to download a file over ftp protocol. Average download speed will fall near to what speed we are setting.

Currently this code is following this convention:
- If download limit is 0, then download data at full speed. No rate control will be provided and ftp slave will run with out any speed limit.

I wanted to see whether the basic rate control algorithm will work or not in kdelibs. So as an experiment, I tried it on ftp kio slave only.

Now I am trying to apply this algorithm at one level above. So instead of updating each kio slave, I can put this rate control at a point from where all kio slave is passing data to application.

If above idea is working than this code will enable every kio slave with rate control capability!!!

About SoK:
Its awesome to work in SoK. I am getting good experience of working with KDE developers. It is giving me more confidence about my work.It is also improving my coding capabilities. I am enjoying the whole experience of working with open source community.

One thing I learned from SoK is that how I can give more quality work by thinking, designing and implementing a good code. Not only it is increasing my confidence but also giving me the best practises of working in a team.

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